• The perfect blank canvas to bring your vision to life.

The perfect blank canvas to bring your vision to life.

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Pop-Up Shops

We are happy to host your pop-up shop! We know many online boutiques would love to get rid of extra inventory and have a little fun trying out a brick and mortar option but do not have an available space to do it. You will love the studio and the space provided. It is bright and full of natural light and is welcoming to your future customers.

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Check out our upcoming events and mark your calendar to take advantage of any public events we have! We also open our studios for event bookings. If you have an event you would like to plan please send us a message on our contact us tab. We are excited to share our space with you!

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There is no shortage of talent in our local community of vendors. Because of this, the selection process can often feel overwhelming. Even though we are open to anyone that would like to book the studio, we've found it helpful to provide our clients with a list of vendors we know and trust.

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It's difficult to find a place to help your vision come to life. You can search and search for the perfect setting and never find it. Now you can create it. The Blank Space Studios gives you endless opportunities to have your dream come to life in front of your very eyes with a ton of natural light.