What is the address of the studios?

743 E 550 S American Fork UT 84003

Our photography studios are located in Utah County right off the 500 E exit in American Fork  

What times are available to rent?

The available hours are 6:00 am until 11:00 pm 

Residential space is above the studios so we ask that you be considerate of that early in the morning and late in the evening. 

How do I know which studio is which? 

Studio A is on the North side of the building and Studio B is on the south end. The doors are also clearly marked on the doors with “Studio A”  “Studio B”.

How big are the studios?

 Studio A is approx 725 sqft                                 Studio B is approx 840 sqft

What walls and backdrops are available in the studios?

Studio A (North Studio) has small shiplap accent walls surrounding the windows, a large 25ft x 10ft white grid wall, and 20 ft x 12 ft blank white wall.

Studio B (South Studio) has a 17ft x 10 ft white washed brick wall, 20ft x 10 ft shiplap wall, small accent shiplap surrounding the windows and a 7 ft x 10 ft beige accent wall. 

Each studio is also equipped with a 8 ft x 8 ft double sided rolling wall that features an ever changing color on each side. Please check our instagram for the latest!

Do you provide lighting equipment? 

We do not offer lighting equipment. However, you are welcome to bring your own.  The studios are equipped with natural light only. They offer 3 large windows in each space. The windows offer up to 4 layers of sheer curtains that can be customized to your needs while shooting. 

When is the best light? 

You will always find great light while the sun is up! Studio A (North Studio) faces north and has a window on the north side, the north/west side and one facing directly west. We have less curtains on these windows to allow for maximum light to come in when needed. Studio B (South Studio) has a window on the south side and two windows to the east. The light can get pretty bright so the curtains will be key to illuminating the studio without harsh shadows. 

Are styled shoots allowed in the studios?

Yes! We love styled shoots and support the creativity. We have specific options available for styled shoots this includes 3 add ons for 3 additional photographers. If you have more than 3 additional photographers coming please let us know and we can send an invoice for the shoot, that will need to be paid before your scheduled time.

Do you provide a photographer? 

We do not provide photographers, you would need to find one that would suit your needs. We do have a list of professionals that we LOVE including photographers and models you can find that here.

What kind of shoots does the studio allow?

The studios are perfect for product photography, styled shoots, family photography, large groups, boudoir, commercials, etc. If you would like clarity on a specific idea or event please email us!

Are we able to move the furniture and props around during our shoot?

All furniture, props, and walls can be moved to suite your needs. The props in each studio must stay in the studio where you found them. They can not be moved between studios. Also when moving furniture please pick them up so that they do not drag and scratch the floor. 

What can the studios be used for besides photography?

We are happy to host events such as weddings, pop up shops, corporate parties, etc. Please email us to discuss your needs. 

Can we set up a Pop Up Shop in the space?

We would love to have you set up shop for a weekend in our space. We offer Studio A to be used. The total charge is $550 and you will receive Thursday night to set up at 7pm and have access to the space until Saturday at 10pm. The studio is located in a cute community that can be advertised to and it is situated right on a heavy traffic corner close to a park and dog park. Please email or call us for more information or to book!

Don’t see your question? Please email us at theblankspacestudios1@gmail.com.