Rules of the Studio

Our photography studios in Utah County come with a few rules to keep them running smoothly and insuring that we all keep an amazing space for the next creators. 

All sessions will require your own photographer. We allow one photographer per session. If you plan on having more please add them as an additional add on when booking. We welcome styled shoots but you will need to book that option in order to accommodate multiple photographers. The add ons offer up to 3 additional photographers. If you have more than 3 additional photographers coming please let us know and we can send an invoice for the shoot, that will need to be paid before your scheduled time. Email us at

When booking your session please note that your time INCLUDES set up and take down. If you are running behind or come early please text or call us and we will add the time to your session when available. If time is unavailable please be on time. If you go over your time you will receive an invoice for the additional time used. ($2/min)


If you switch into the other studio that you did not book. You will be charged the full hour regardless if you use a full hour. ($85/hr) Studio A + B is an available option when booking. 

Please make sure to clean up on your way out. This includes any trash, hangers, clothing tags, etc. DO NOT leave dirty diapers in the studio, kid room or bathroom trashes. There is a dumpster outside Studio B that it can be put in. If a lot of strings or clothing fuzz is left please grab the broom or swiffer and sweep it up. There is a large dumpster in the south parking lot that you are welcome to throw things away in. ($20 to come and remove dirty diapers or overflowing trash)

If any of the linens or blankets get dirty please notify us so we can clean them immediately. If something is damaged upon your arrival please notify us immediately. We would hate for you to be blamed and have to pay for something someone else has done. If the studio is a mess beyond normal use, including glitter or other photo props. Please notify us. We will check the cameras and the person(s) who left it that way will be charged an additional $40 cleaning fee.

Glitter and confetti are welcomed but we do charge $25 as an add on for you to have it in the studio. We recognize that you can't get it all. No one ever does so we need to have ample time to come and deep clean for future sessions. You will be required to clean up as much as you can before you leave and if you don't we will send an invoice for the normal $40 cleaning fee. 

Nails and tape are prohibited to be used. Command strips and washi tape are ok as long as no damage is done to the walls or paint (please test a small area first). Please make sure it is removed and all residue is wiped away. If there is any damage to the walls, floors, furniture, plants or any other item provided by the studio the booking party will be responsible for the cost of the repairs or replacement. ($25 for touch up)

We do not allow candles or flames in the studio. Battery powered ones are ok.

If you have a cancellation we will reschedule with a 48 hour notice for 2 hours or less. If you have booked anything more than 2 hours a 72 hour notice will be required. Refunds are not available. 

You are welcome to use anything in the studio and rearrange as needed. Please pick the furniture up and do not drag it across the floor. The furniture in each studio can NOT be moved between studios. (A $20 fee will be added to move it back)

When leaving please make sure that the key is put back in the key box and the code has been scrambled. The door to the outside automatically locks behind you. Please make sure the door to the hallway has been locked as well as the small door. ($20 fee will be added for us to come in and turn off lights/lock doors) If you lose the key you will be charged a $100 fee to replace. 

Do not unclip any of the curtains when using. Tie backs are available on either side of each window. There are two window tracks each with 1-2 curtains. Feel free to adjust them as needed to suit your light diffusing needs.  

When booking you must use the space for the intended use. For example if you book for the pop up shop you must use it for a pop up shop. You will not be able to do a photoshoot during that time.  

Blank Space Studios will not be held liable for any personal injury. You are solely responsible for the members of your group and their safety and well being. 

When it comes to pets we love your little buddies. There is a $25 pet fee that can be added as an add on when booking (2 available) If you need more than what is available please email us at and we will send an invoice for the additional little fur babies. We do welcome pets in the studio BUT it is your sole responsibility to clean up after them. All hair must be removed at the end of your session and floors must be cleaned. If your pet sheds or is not hypoallergenic they are not allowed on the furniture. If a furry friend shows up unexpected to your shoot please notify us immediately so you can get the pet fee taken care of. If you fail to do so and we see it on the cameras you will be billed for the pet fee as well as a $100 cleaning fee. If there are any "accidents" left behind you will be charged $200 plus the pet fee. 

For events we will require a $200 deposit for a cleaning fee that is fully refundable if the space is cleaned and tidy.