Pop-Up Shops

We are happy to host your pop up shop! We know many online boutiques would love to get rid of extra inventory and have a little fun trying out a brick and mortar option but do not have  an available space to do it. You will love the studio and the space provided. It is bright and full of natural light and is welcoming to your future customers. The studio is located in the very active Easton Park neighborhood with 450 apartment units and growing. It is right across the street from a playground and a dog park. There are a ton of small young families that are always looking for a good deal! 

Booking the Studio for Your Shop

  •  You will be in Studio A, our North Studio, which is right off the main street. 
  • Your time will begin Thursday evening at 7pm and will end Saturday at 10pm. We want to make sure you have time to set up before your sale and time to pack up after it has ended. 
  • We have a few clothing racks and tables available to use but if you feel the need to bring more you are more than welcome. 
  • We can not guarantee your success of the sale. You will be responsible for promoting and advertising the event
  • Pricing is for one boutique using the space. An additional fee of $75 will be added per company.
We will be happy to post any information you provide on our socials to help promote your shop. They can be sent to us via email to theblankspacestudios1@gmail.com.